I keep on reading posts of some ELF, stating how happy they were that after 6 years, Super Junior has finally learned how to stand up for themselves.

To be honest, I was also proud and happy at first, but looking back at what happened, I realized one thing - Super…


Anonymous asked:

Tho I mean can't you see where she's coming from? Like its not like her and sungmin can just date normally or meet up a lot. And she's got a lot of pressure on her from the media and from his fans.

mingteukies answered:

thats what im saying if that was her problem why is she still hanging on if it’s such a burden for her? Saying that dating Sungmin is a ‘burden’, is terrible!

I can see where she is coming from, I understand, but revealing without discussing with Sungmin, and then saying he is a burden.. no it doesn’t sound right.

And she said it publicly, how would you feel if your boyfriend said that behind your back? Would you feel loved by them? Wouldn’t insecurities clash you?

And I know Sungmin would blame himself for this: ‘I am not good enough’ NO he is GOOD enough for anyone. He just need the right person. Nothing is wrong with him. In my opinion it seems like she is not handling this well.

I am sorry but if you truly love someone, you would accept everything about him, and go through even the hardest times just to stay together.


no one really deserves to be called a burden. may it be Sungmin or anyone else.